World Cup 2010 Football Preparations in Full Swing

Every four years the football world gets together for the premiere tournament in the sport, and the World Cup 2010 football tournament is shaping up to be an exciting one. Teams are in the final stages of preparation for this mid-summer event, and new international team uniforms are being unveiled every week. Fans are clamoring for the new gear and teams are making the final adjustments to their games so that they will be ready for the spotlight in July.

South Africa Hosts

South Africa won the honor of hosting World Cup 2010 football this year. It’s the first time an African nation has hosted the tournament, and promises to be a beautiful venue for the games. South Africa has spent quite a lot of money and time in preparation for the tournament, and they have even built new stadiums specifically for the World Cup. Revenue from tourists and media should pay for all of the renovations and more, which is one of the reasons that hosting the event is such a sought after honor. ข่าวบอล South Africa was in competition with several international sites for the hosting job.

Football on the World Stage

Many people have compared World Cup 2010 football to the Olympics, and it is a valid comparison. World Cup brings together most of the world’s nations for two and a half weeks of intense match play, culminating in the crowning of football’s world champion for the next four years. Millions of fans watch the games on satellite feeds around the world, and the event is covered by international news agencies as well. The hordes of international fans that will descend on South Africa will resemble the mixture of cultures that usually attend the Olympics, and they will probably double the size of the population of the city during the tournament.

Book Hotels Early

If you plan to travel to South Africa for World Cup 2010 football, you should make your reservations right away. Hotels that are anywhere near the stadiums will be booked solid months before the tournament, and outlying hotels will be filled up relatively quickly as well. If you can’t find a traditional hotel, you may have luck finding someone who is willing to rent out their apartment or home for the duration of the tournament. Local residents would sometimes rather get out of town than stay for the circus of the tournament, and they don’t mind making a little money by renting their dwellings to someone who wants to attend the games.

Beware Ticket Resellers

One of the biggest hazards to anyone who plans to attend the World Cup 2010 football games are ticket resellers, or scalpers. These unsavory characters will purchase large blocks of tickets at the retail price, then resell them for an outrageous profit just before the games. Some unscrupulous con artists will even fabricate tickets and sell them to unsuspecting football fans who receive a nasty shock when they try to enter the stadium with the bogus tickets. Purchase tickets from respectable sources to avoid any potential problems.

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